About us
  • Company Name
    Alternative-C Co., Ltd.
  • Date Founded
    August 7,2014 (Predecessor company founded October, 2013)
  • Company Address
    RIX-Building #2 6F 17-28 Marunouchi 3-chome, Nakaku Nagoya Aichi 460-002, JAPAN
  • Capital
    3 million JPY
  • President
    Ryouichi TAKASE
  • Number of Employees
  • Business Activities

    1. Technical support on information systems and digital contents services.

    2. Planning, design, development, consulting services for Information systems.

    3. Planning, design, consulting services for digital contents.

    4. Product planning, development, sales, maintenance services.

    5. Engineer-temp and recruiting services dealing with business activities written above.

    6. Subordinate tasks and any related pursuit dealing with our business enterprises.

  • Business Connection
    (Alphabetical order)
    KYOIKU SANGYO CO, LTD. / Free Craft Corporation / Sanken Forcast Inc. / SYSTEM RESEARCH CO., LTD
Total director of IT & Digital contents
Bring IT and Digital contents as one
Helping system requirements, design, development to operation.
Invest operation on more effective and choreographic
Contents starting with design to production.
And to “Merge”, is our role.